Culture Shock

In our life, everybody has felt change of pace. The change is always to make us to take it carefully.  Because we can get the positive thing and don’t trust the negative thing. In the topic that I will write now is my experience in culture shock.

First I want to give the reader some information in culture shock. Culture shock is feeling from somebody where we feel shock or confused to meet the new environment or surrounding such as lifestyle and culture. In many cases, some people that feel the culture shock can solve this problem by adapting faster with their new environment. They adapt their selves by imitating like a person doing in new environment. And they will leave identity. Sometimes this effort can make negative effect for us. Because what we imitate is not always good for us. Beside it there are some people that feel the culture shock can solve this problem with their new environment without leaving their cultural identity, but with a little change of pace. They can choose whether it is good or bad. In many cases, some people can’t adapt with theirs new environment and can take many time to adapt their selves. They usually get stressful, can be angry and don’t care about their new environment.

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